Au revoir!


  • Sample curricula: Dropbox folder with slides (Keynote & PDF) + apps for workshops varying in audience background and length:

    • 01-shiny-beginner-1hr
    • 02-shiny-beginner-2hr
    • 03-shiny-beginner-halfday
    • 04-shiny-beginner-1day
    • 05-shiny-intermediary-2day
    • 06-teach-shiny (Slides, sample apps, exercises from this workshop!)

Follow up

  • Post the learning objectives you wrote as issues on the workshop repo for feedback and community sharing.
  • Feel free to post as an issue on the workshop repo and/or send me your solutions for any of the exercises we didn’t get a chance to discuss during the workshop (especfally those in the Troubleshooting module), and I’ll provide feedback!
  • Let me know if you would be free for a 20 min call for follow up conversation on how you plan on using these materials.
  • And please fill out the post-workshop survey you received in your email.
  • And lastly, teach Shiny!